No two people are alike, and neither are any two facials at Touch of Faith Aesthetics. Everyone has different skin needs that are constantly changing and must be addressed accordingly. All treatments at Touch of Faith Aesthetics are customized to fit exactly what you need at the time of your treatment. Our team of skin specialists will use their vast knowledge, intuition, and specialized approach to develop a treatment that is truly one of a kind. All of our facial treatments include an eye treatment as well as a lip treatment at no additional charge. We do not have a set service menu when it comes to our facial treatments, however, you will be quoted your exact price during your consultation.

All facial treatments are generally 90 minutes but times can fluctuate based on your personal needs.

Your skin’s journey begins here. Are you constantly trying different ways to fix your problematic skin without seeing any results? Learn what is best for your skin both topically and internally. Real change in the health of your skin is an inevitable result of proper and consistent home care combined with regular customized professional treatments that can only be delivered by Touch of Faith Aesthetics. Our Corrective Skincare Specialist will start your treatment with a deep pore cleanse, followed by a professional exfoliation, lip and eye treatment, and extractions. You will receive specialty nutritive treatments designed specifically for your individual skin’s needs. When your first treatment is finished, you will see and feel the beginning of your skin’s new journey toward health. You will receive the education you need along with written instructions on how to implement your at home skincare regimen. You will become an active participant in your skin’s health transformation.

You are what you eat! Get customized recommendations from our holistic practitioner on how to target and correct your specific skin issues through dietary changes and supplement recommendations. Your skin is a direct reflection of what goes on internally; Skin issues like Acne, Melasma, Dry Skin can be caused from an internal imbalance.

Our Customized facial is a thorough, deep pore cleanse that will renew your skin. The facial is comprised at the time of your treatment with all the necessary nutrients your skin needs as well as professional exfoliation, lip and eye treatment, extractions, and specialty treatments.

Additional professional peels and treatments are available at additional cost and will be discussed during your consultation. This is the perfect treatment for everyone because it is tailored to any concern whether it is acne, aging, hyper pigmentation, dryness or redness.

A 40 minute customized skin refresher that balances the skin, restoring hydration and reducing congestion. Perfect for the quick skin fix between Dermabrasion or Intensive Peels. Includes your choice of extractions or specialty mask.

Our Aquasonic Dermabrasion is a spatula that gently peels the skin to reveal bright, healthy looking skin. This treatment is great for reducing fine lines, hyper pigmentation, and surface congestion on the skin.

The Sapphire 3 Dermabrasion with LED Light therapy is our most intensive treatment. This cutting edge technology offers skin resurfacing with a sapphire crusted tip to lighten scarring, hyper pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. The resurfacing is followed up by red monochromatic light to stimulate collagen and lighten brown while the Blue LED brings oxygen to your skin cells and kills acne causing bacteria

OxyBiolight technology is the newest cool light therapy available. It combines 7 medical-grade Extreme Super Luminous Diodes (ESLD’s) for significant and dramatic improvement to the skin. A large panel with Extreme Super Luminous Diodes and Pure Oxygen Infusion technology is placed over the skin. During the treatment, a single color or array of colors, depending on your skin type, penetrates deeply (and painlessly) into the basal layer of your skin, where new cells are formed. While your light therapy is working its magic, a refreshing mist of 98% pure medical-grade oxygen is infusing itself into the skin for a relaxing, therapeutic skin experience. OxyBiolight Photo Dynamic Therapy works to correct and improve: FINE LINES & WRINKLES, ACNE, SCARS, ROSACEA, INFLAMMATION, HYPERPIGMENTATION, ENLARGED/CLOGGED PORES, SAGGING SKIN, LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE, AND MUSCLE TONING.